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This website has been upgraded. It's information (and much more) is now at PopularRestorations.com.

packardinfo.com is dedicated to keeping Packards and their owners on the road. See their website for free public information about the Packard Motor Car Corporation.

The content on the website is donated by Packard  users. You are encouraged to donate scanned copy of material may help out other Packard owner. There is a wealth of information including data books, service training books, dealer bulletins, etc.

You may post questions about your
Packard in the User Forums which you can access after registering for a free user account.


FactoryAutoManuals.com is a specialist dealer in quality used factory car maintenance manuals, auto repair manuals, car service manuals, and car repair manuals. These factory auto repair manuals & car sales literature items, catalogs and brochures are in slightly used condition, but much cheaper than the manufacture prices.

Lehigh University
Lehigh University

Packard's 100th Anniversary: A remembrance of  the principal people who started the Packard Motor Car Company.

The Detroit News

detnews.com has a good article: Packard -- the rise and fall of a classic nameplate.

The Packard Club
PAC Club Logopackardclub.org has a history page that includes the Genesis of the Packard Motor Car Company, Trademark History, Master Service Salesman's Creed, Packard - The First 50 Years, "Free Wheeling" - The Packard Story, This Month in Packard History, Advertising in Magazines, Magazine Articles, Service Letter & Counselor Inventory, Master Coachbuilders, Lapel Pins, Jewelry and Dealerships.
The Packard Library
The Packard Library

The Packard Library's mission is to assist the collector, restorer and all lovers of Packard Automobiles in the proper restoration care and maintenance of their Packards. Also, to provide as much correct information to help restore these vehicles back to showroom condition, with the proper color, interior, equipment and to promote a better running Packard. Besides owner's manuals, paint chips, and various parts, The Packard Library allows you to download (for free) many original manuals:

  • Packard Service Manuals
  • Packard Training Manuals
  • Service Letters / Counselors
  • Packard Technical Letters
  • Packard Service Management
  • Packard Service Tools
  • Reference Book of Mechanical Information
  • Other Related Service Manuals
Faxon Auto Literature
Faxon Auto Literature Faxon Literature sells factory manuals and literature for all makes and models of vehicles from 1902 to the present including  owner's manuals that come in the glove box and shop manuals used by dealerships and home mechanics alike.
Artisan Publications an Communications

Artisan Publications an Communications has an article by Gordon H. Ficke on 1946 and 1947 Packards with a bit of Packard history.


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